Hydrox V
Breakthrough sciences for a better world.
Based in Austin, TX United States
Who We Are
Our team has had many years of experience in their fields of study as well as a strong, supportive network. The chemists, programmers electrictians, mechanics, and inventors together have a hivemind to reach the same goal. With this environment, we can build off each others ideas and perfect our concepts.
With all walks of life, more perspective is allowed, and more understanding is formed.

Hydrox V Labs

What are we? What do we do?

  Hydrox V Labs has been a brainchild of mine (David vonOhlerking) since I was 5 years old, and now with the help of Vasiliki Rigney, we have begun gathering minds around the world. While many of us are proficient in one area, others excel in their own ways, so when many of us gather together, it provides a symbiotic relationship that promotes growth at amazing rates.
  The Lab is the ultimate showcase of everything we make and teach. It is run off 100% renewable energy, off-grid, everything that can be made from recycled material is.  The entire building is hyper insulated and built with high-tech alternative method/materials. Aside from this, it is a landing spot for inventors to come build their projects, and produce them. It is an environment hand picked for symbiotic relations, where you visit for anywhere from 1 day, to 1 year, and rent your room for your predetermined lease. It is essentially a stepping stone, a beta test, a small scale first property showing the scaleability of this business model. A self sufficient property, set as a host for people to get their ideas out, and products sold, while the lab keeps a percentage of profit for production fee, warehouse cost, and innovators work together to improve on ideas together.

  In our group of dedicated individuals, we have a single organism designed to crank out innovation and progress in a self stainable manner. A few bullets of what we have been focused on include:

° New 3D printing methods for large scale production parts, and printing with stronger materials
   ° Our printer Is 20’ x 16’ x 15’ allowing us to print practically an part desirable
   ° Multi-gimbal printing heads allowing for alternative printing mediums
   ° Ability to print with 100% recycled material
   ° CNC capability for machining and post-print cutting
   ° Animatronic arms for packaging or gimbal changing
   ° Vehicle kit cars, parts, mods
° Water Disassociation kits for:
   ° Welding
   ° Medical
   ° Combustion engine cleaning/economy
   ° Agricultural benefit
   ° Purifying recycler (metal, plastic, etc)
° “Off-Grid” Kits and/or their contents:
   ° Backup generators with multi-fuel vapor carburetors (3d printed)
   ° Special backup batteries for electrical storage (3d printed partially)
   ° Modified inverters/charge controller meant to meter and monitor production/usage
   ° Water heater/distiller/steam electrical generator
   ° Water from air/cooling machine
   ° Water holding tanks (3d printed)
   ° Aquaponic Kits (3d printed)
° AI (artificial intelligence) applications:
   ° Home automations and security
   ° Aquaponics adapted with AI for maintenance of crop, and “personal” care for each plant
   ° Automobile drive assist
   ° Drone SWARM programming for automated tasks
° Special electric motors/gennerators and configurations:
   ° Graphene doped copper motor for high efficiency
   ° Rim motor for wheel replacement to hybridize any existing car to an electric hybrid
   ° Tesla turbines for electrical generation
   ° Magnet motors for high efficiency
   ° Pulse motors with driver circuit
The Team
We form a community of DIYers and PhDs. We wanted to engineer our own methodolgy for appliances to harnessing energy, or simply use what we have more efficently. Like most people against the norm, we get doubted. In order to be heard, we started a business that is fueled by scientific experiments, building unique products, and backed with

If you ever have a doubt about anything we do, we are ready for your questions, and rebuttal. In today's world, it has become far too common for people to argue without merit, proof, or sustenance. We want to break that habit. All claims must be backed up, and constructive critisim is highly sought after.

"If you prove a scientist correct, you make a point.
If you prove a scientist wrong, you make his day!
..and together, you make progress."